DEMO 2014


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5 SONG DEMO - Available on Tape (1st press 50 copies - 20 blue, 20 green, 10 pink)

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released February 15, 2014

Mixed and Mastered by Paulo Vieira (Paulão)



all rights reserved


LINEBACKER Lisbon, Portugal

Linebacker is an hardcore band from Portugal. Formed in the winter of 2013, this Lisbon based outfit has the propose of bringing the fury back to the portuguese hardcore scene, creating an heavy, energetic and groovy hardcore sound, the kind that makes you want to dance, mosh and sing-along to the top of your lungs. ... more

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Track Name: SEMPER FI
headed down a road, a road to perdition
destroying myself, giving in to addiction
losing my mind, wasting away
a change had to come one day

set myself on the righteous path
set myself in the nick of time
with clear eyes and a full heart
still here twelve years down the line

always true
to myself
I won't fall
like everyone else

so take a look into my eyes
no matter how hard you try
won't change this heart of mine
and come what may
I'll never turn away
I am semper fi
when I needed the most
you were never around
the bottom of a glass
is where you were bound
going through life
with no guidance or direction
no words, no love
only screams of aggression

blood not by choice, a disdain that's real
lives intertwined, wounds that won't heal
a scar that will endure 'til the end
everlasting shame, I carry thy name

as time went by I struggled hard
to find some piece of mind
and put it all behind

so I can proudly say
I am nothing like you
and I will never be
Track Name: DRAFT BUST
out from somewhere
you come lining up
year after year
seeking fame and a buck
playing the card of humility
what you try to hide is crystal clear

draft bust
we don't need you here
we don't need a draft bust

all talk, high horse, vanity
running your mouth constantly
spreading dissent, so full of shit
your attitude just makes me sick

draft bust
we don't need you here
we don't need a draft bust

you’re aiming for the top
but I got news for you
you got failure written across your face
your empty words they don't mean jack
and your work ethic is just fucking pathetic
born in the wild, meant to roam free,
raised to suffer a cruel destiny
ruler of plains where men don't dare,
living deceived by false loving and care
taken from home at only four
carried away to the ring of horror
unaware of hell that awaits
as the trumpet calls out to the open door

party you call brave
murder you call art
celebration of pain
torture in your heart

I won't be part of this
your ignorance i refuse to accept
I won't be part of this
your indifference to their pain I reject